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BPH - Public Health

Public Health Undergraduate Bachelor of Public Health

Program Delivery

Online Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Public Health

Program Type



College of Graduate & Continuing Studies


Program Description

Enrollment into the Bachelor of Public Health will begin in January 2024.

The Bachelor of Public Health is a 120-credit undergraduate degree program that provides students with a science-based grounding in the foundational knowledge of health and public health. The program provides students the opportunity to expand beyond foundational public health content by taking courses in promotion/disease prevention and disaster planning/crisis management. Students can utilize previous experiences in the military, emergency response, health care, social services, and other relevant backgrounds when applying public health concepts, knowledge, and skills. Students learn the fundamentals of health and wellness, epidemiology, program planning and education, research, evaluation methods, and health care systems, economics, policy, management, and leadership. The BPH is suitable for those aspiring to enter the public health workforce.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

This program has no additional program requirements. For a student in a residential program wishes to transition into the BPH program, there are no new admissions requirements, but a meeting with their academic advisor and the Program Director are strongly encouraged.

Additional Program Information

Graduating baccalaureate students will be prepared for entry-level to mid-level employment in local, state and US government agencies, healthcare providers, military, NGOs, domestic and global communities, education, and insurance settings. The types of employment roles include:

  • Health and wellness specialists

  • Site contract specialists

  • Community outreach managers

  • Community planners

  • Occupational and environmental health and safety technicians

  • Population health planners

  • Crisis response planners and managers

  • Public health inspectors, sanitarians, directors, managers, coordinators, and specialists.


Locate, use, evaluate and synthesize public health information


Assess population health needs at the intersections of human, environment and disease interactions


Plan public health programs and crisis intervention using evidence-based assessment outcomes data


Communicate public health information, in oral and written forms, through a variety of modalities, settings and audiences


Work within healthcare and community systems to address needs of specific communities and populations


Promote health improvement and disease prevention