Founded in 1819

Norwich University was the first private military college in the United States. Here the idea of the “citizen soldier” developed, a guiding philosophy that later became the impetus for the creation of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Norwich was the first private college or university to offer an Engineering program. Norwich was also the first school to offer military training to women, in 1974, preceding the armed service academies by two years.

Two Lifestyles. One University

Norwich University is unique among institutions of higher education.  No other university combines a military tradition of nearly two centuries, a broad range of undergraduate degree programs, and innovative online graduate programs.  Since 1993, Cadets and civilian students have shared the same campus at Norwich University, creating a college culture set apart from the usual in the nation. While students in The Corps of Cadets participate in intense military training, all of our students benefit from a distinctive and structured learning environment that promotes academic success as well as leadership development.  Our students choose Norwich because it is the best "fit" for them. Students from both lifestyles choose Norwich for similar reasons - rigorous academics, a robust athletic program, a variety of extracurricular activities, and a safe environment.

For the majority of the day, students of both lifestyles are completely integrated. All of our students attend the same classes, play on the same athletic teams, and are involved in the same clubs and extracurricular activities. Although Cadets and civilian students have separate residences; a walk through the library, the dining hall or the gymnasium will show all of our students living, learning, working, and playing together without regard for the lifestyle choice each student has made.