Online Programs Support Services

In addition to University Support Services, there are program-specific services available to students enrolled in an online program.

Career Portfolio

All students in online degree programs can obtain permanent access to the Acadiate portfolio/presentation platform. This allows students to create a portfolio of the work in their program to showcase their skills and abilities to potential employers.

Orientation for Online Programs

Online learning can be overwhelming, especially when beginning your studies. Dedicated staff guides students through accessing Norwich resources, including school email and online classrooms. The Orientation course provides practice in navigating the Learning Management System to access assignments, submit discussions, and how to contact an instructor. The Orientation course is available throughout the program and it is consistently updated with the most current University policies, technology upgrades, and important contact information.

Professional Student Support and Advising

Student Support Advisors (SSA) are a resource throughout the student experience being the primary point of contact for student registrations, degree planning, classroom support, transfer credit, and general information; such as the facilitation of conversations regarding the use of military benefits, financial aid, or paying bills. The SSA is here to help with all the administrative pieces so that students can focus on being a student!  Student Support Advisors are available for appointment by phone, email, or virtual meeting.

Writing Support

Grammarly and  In addition to faculty, students in an undergraduate program have no-cost access to online writing tools and services including the full version of Grammarly and writing tutoring through

Graduate Writing Center – The Writing Center is open to all registered online graduate program students. The Writing Center, operated through a Moodle classroom, provides students with a curated list of tips, links, videos, and other information to support students. The focal point of the Writing Center is the network of alumni volunteers who work with current students one-on-one in a mentor-type fashion through the Writing Fellow network. Writing Fellows work with students at the student's level with the background knowledge gained from completing a program at Norwich themselves. The feedback in these relationships improves student performance and builds lasting bonds for both alumni.