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BSMS - Management Studies

Business & Management Programs Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Program Delivery

Online Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Science

Program Type



College of Graduate & Continuing Studies

Program Description

The Management Studies major (B.S.) is an upper-division bachelor’s program. Intended for students with prior professional experience in the public, private, or military sectors, the major provides students with a solid academic foundation in general management principles and practices while emphasizing core competencies in leadership, communication, and technology. By also completing a required concentration in a specialized area of management studies, graduates of the program will have demonstrated
the ability to apply knowledge and proficiency in general management to specific management environments,
contexts, and challenges.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

See the admission's website for admission criteria.


Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to assume mid-to upper-level management positions in organizations in both the public and private sectors


Apply management and leadership theory, principles, and best practices to organizational challenges caused by economic, social, and technological change


Critically evaluate and apply quantitative and qualitative research in management and related disciplines


Communicate effectively in writing, verbal, and via technology-mediated modalities


Concentrations offer students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge for a specific area of management