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BBA - Business Administration

Business & Management Programs Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Program Delivery

Online Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Science

Program Type



College of Graduate & Continuing Studies

Program Description

Program Directors: Linda Ratsep, Toni Raftery.

The Business Administration program focuses on the functions of finance, accounting, and economics. Students will understand the relationships between marketing, business law, business writing, quantitative theory, and human and organizational management.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

See the admission's website for admission criteria.


Synthesize and apply key theories, models, and applications within the business administration context.


Apply critical thinking skills for both problem-solving and innovation in business related situations


Synthesize business-related concepts and data and effectively communicate those concepts and data in writing to an array of audiences, including non-specialist audiences


Analyze and evaluate business and organizational situations using an ethical approach to decision making