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9SWP - Studies in War & Peace

History & Political Science Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

Program Delivery

Residential Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Arts

Program Type



College of Liberal Arts

Program Description


The Studies in War and Peace (SWAP) program examines the origins and development of military institutions and the impact of these institutions upon the social order. The program promotes critical analysis of phenomena relating to military and diplomatic affairs, past and present, and is equally suitable for all students including cadets. It provides an interdisciplinary examination of the enduring and close interconnections among military, political, economic, and social institutions. The SWAP program is an extension of the Norwich University citizen-soldier tradition of producing educated graduates who are prepared for either military or civilian pursuits, and who are knowledgeable about diplomatic and military affairs.


  • Develop the skills which enable students to have successful and rewarding careers.

  • Develop an understanding of how global political, economic, and social forces affect the growth and interplay of military and political institutions.

  • Acquire an understanding of how different cultures engage in warfare and seek to create the conditions for peace.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

There are no additional criteria to declare this major.

Additional Program Information

Potential Careers

  • Military Officer

  • Lawyer

  • Historian or Political Scientist

  • Teacher

  • Intelligence Officer

  • Any career that requires critical thinking, analytical, problem solving, and communications skills.


Students will have a broad understanding of how global political, economic, and social developments affects the growth and interplay of military and political institutions.


Students will be able to exercise solid critical analysis and persuasive writing skills as demonstrated in an original research paper.


Graduates will be satisfied with the overall quality of the program and its ability to prepare them for the job market and/or additional education and training.