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9PY-BS - Psychology

Psychology & Education Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Program Delivery

Residential Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Science

Program Type



College of Liberal Arts


Program Description


Psychology is a scientific enterprise that attempts to articulate principles of human and animal behavior. These principles are formulated within the context of biological, socio-cultural, and environmental factors. Psychology is both a field of scientific inquiry and a professional activity: it shares its subject matter and its methods with the biological and social sciences, while simultaneously sharing some of the same concerns of the arts; namely, human motivation, emotion, aesthetic appreciation and experience, creativity, and the individual’s relations to the world and humankind. Students may explore the discipline from experimental, personality/social, developmental, and/or clinical perspectives. A research-based senior thesis is required, along with an oral presentation at a regional undergraduate research conference.  Upper level practica, internships, or field placements that provide practical work experience in a special interest area are encouraged.


  • To expose students to the full range of ideas in the field of Psychology.

  • To give students the opportunity to experience the process of being and acting like a professional in the field of Psychology.

  • To prepare students for lifelong career development.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

There are no additional criteria to declare this major.

Additional Program Information

Graduate School Preparation

The Psychology Major is an excellent preparation for most professional schools in:

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Education

  • Business

  • Psychology

Potential Careers

  • Army Mental Health Specialist

  • Child Development Specialist

  • Employee Relations Specialist

  • Probation/Parole Officer

  • Substance Abuse Counselor

Potential Careers with advanced degrees

  • Applied Statistician

  • Clinical Social Worker

  • Guidance Counselor

  • Military Counselor

  • Neuropsychologist

  • School Psychologist

  • Speech Pathologist


To demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the content of Psychology including its major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends.


To perform research independently and competently in the process of literature review, experimental design, data collection, and statistical analysis, as well as completion of the written and oral senior thesis.


To communicate effectively in both written and oral formats at local and regional undergraduate research conferences.


To prepare for successful graduate work and/or employment in professions requiring a Psychology background and/or in professions requiring critical thinking.