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9MTH - Mathematics

Mathematics Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Program Delivery

Residential Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Science

Program Type



College of Science & Mathematics


Program Description


The Norwich University Department of Mathematics seeks to promote interest in mathematics and to serve as a resource for the university community on current advances in mathematical knowledge and application.  The department educates mathematics majors in preparation for civilian or military careers, and for future study in graduate schools.

The department seeks to accomplish this mission through the following activities:

  • offering a sequence of courses that introduce undergraduate students in the liberal arts and social sciences to the techniques, methods, and applicability of mathematics;

  • offering a basic calculus sequence to provide computer science, mathematics, science, and engineering students with the tools of mathematical analysis;

  • offering introductory calculus and quantitative analysis courses to support major programs in architecture, accounting and business administration;

  • integrating the use of technology in mathematics education as a tool for solving applied problems;

  • offering advanced courses in mathematical theory and application leading to a major in mathematics for a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics;

  • offering a minor in mathematics that complements the major programs of study that a student may select;

  • engaging students in experiential education opportunities including undergraduate research, independent study and pre-professional activities;

  • offering colloquia and seminars to promote dialogue between members of the department and others of the university community;

  • offering math education coursework to support students seeking secondary education licensure;

  • offering financial mathematics coursework to support students seeking employment in actuarial science.


  • Prepare mathematics majors for graduate work in mathematics or careers in computer science, engineering, industry, business, actuary science, or teaching;

  • Support the curricula in all disciplines;

  • Supply the students with the mathematics courses necessary to qualify for teacher licensure.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

There are no additional criteria to declare this major.

Additional Program Information

Potential Careers

  • Mathematician

  • Statistician

  • Actuary

  • Data Scientist

  • University Professor

  • Finance

  • Government


Graduates will have the ability to formulate problems in the application of mathematics to various disciplines, and analyze, solve, and model solutions to these problems.


Graduates will have a good understanding and broad knowledge of mathematics including single and multivariable calculus, linear and abstract algebra. Students will demonstrate competency in theoretical, applied, routine, and non-routine problems.


Graduates will be prepared for successful employment in a profession employing mathematics or a profession of their choice and be well prepared for graduate or professional school.