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9INTB - International Business

Business, School of Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Program Delivery

Residential Program

Program Level


Degree Designation

Bachelor of Science

Program Type



College of Professional Schools


Program Description

The International Business major focuses on preparing our students for a successful career in business, government, non-profit organizations or military service with a distinctly global perspective. This program will enhance students’ strategic thinking and broaden their global business acumen. Through a unique combination of business courses, proficiency in cross-cultural communication and study abroad, students will understand all functional areas of a firm, as well as the global, strategic management issues most businesses face today.


  • Gain a solid foundation in general business skills and principles

  • Develop a foreign language ability consistent with program goals

  • Acquire an awareness of and an appreciation for how business is conducted in other cultures by spending a semester overseas

  • Learn collaborative business practices through hands-on exercises and internship opportunities

Program Specific Admission Requirements

There are no additional requirements to declare this major.

Additional Program Information

Potential Careers

  • Leadership and management positions in multinational business organizations

  • Government agencies and military service

  • International banking

  • Corporate finance

  • Humanitarian and not-for-profit organizations


Accreditation of the International Business Program by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs is pending.


Appreciate the impact of globalization on countries, businesses and their citizens and provide a strong foundation in international implications for business disciplines.


Explain the role of international organizations/agreements that affect business organizations including, by way of example, regional agreements and treaties, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund.


Analyze the political, legal, economic, and cultural environments of multinational organizations required to develop competitive strategies in a global environment.


Evaluate the impact of internationalization on company strategies and on the mode of entry chosen by a multinational organization.


Apply knowledge of cultural values in evaluating alternative management techniques in different cultures.


Design a marketing strategy for an international market.


Demonstrate knowledge of the basics of international finance necessary to conduct financial transactions in a global economy, including development and current status of international monetary system, foreign exchange exposure, global parity conditions, global capital budgeting, global cost of capital, and exports and/imports.


Develop cultural understanding through course work and a required semester abroad.