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SO 209 Methods of Social Science Research 4 Cr.

An examination of the methodological foundations of the social sciences; the logic and technique of empirical inquiry; the nature of social facts, the operationalization of concepts, and the construction of hypotheses; research designs including surveys, interviews, experiments, observation, and evaluation; the organization and analysis of data; graph and table construction and interpretation; the common problems of empirical social research; and research ethics. Emphasis given to criminal justice applications. The lab part of the course instructs students how to use and apply SPSS and other relevant software. Classroom and Laboratory 4 hours. Cross-listed with CJ 209; not permitted to earn credit for both SO 209 and CJ 209. (Fall, Spring).


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The Sociology minor, offered through the School of Justice Studies and Sociology, provides students with a distinctive social perspective on the realities of everyday life and the relationships within societies, institutions, organizations, and groups. Students are introduced to methods of social science research and the social, cultural, and political dimensions of domestic and global issues. Students are also exposed to the interstices between sociology and other social and behavioral sciences.

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...required 1 Preferably SO 201 OR SO 202 ; excludes SO 209 and SO 214 2...