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SO 201 Introduction to Sociology 3 Cr.

An analysis of the order and change in social life, both at the micro (interactional) and macro (societal) levels. An examination of fundamental concepts and research methods applied to understanding culture and socialization; social groups and organizations; social stratification; and social change.

Criminal Justice

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...required 1 Preferably SO 201 OR SO 202 ; excludes SO 209 and SO 214 2...

Studies in War and Peace

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...EN 112 , EC 106 , EC 201 , EC 202 , SO 201 , CM 261 . 3 Choose four...

Environmental Science

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...3 3-4 PS 201 General Physics I...course from PO or SO; one 100-200...

Physical Education Curriculum Overview

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...SO 214 Racial and Cultural Minorities 3 SO...Spring Cr. Comp. AC 201 Introduction to Accounting...

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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...Spring Cr. Comp. EC 201 Principles of Economics...300-400 Level 3 SO 214 Racial and...

Architectural Studies (undergraduate)

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...and Design 3 FA 201 History/Theory of...Design IV 3 5 SO 2XX Sociology Transfer...

Political Science

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...its expediencies. To do so, the program encourages...History Elective 3 EC 201 Principles of Economics...