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PY 314 Experimental Psychology II 3 Cr.

This course will teach students how to design, conduct, and report psychological experiments. The purpose of the course is to link the academic subject matter of psychology to the conduct of research in the laboratory and the field. Topics include the nature of science, formulation of hypotheses, measurement and reliability, research methods, including experimental, correlational, and observational techniques, research design, and ethics of using human subjects. Issues of experimental control, its relation to confounding and research design, and internal and external validity will be included. The course will also focus on the teaching of library research and scientific writing skills. Students will design, implement, analyze, and report results of several research projects. Prerequisite: PY 313, or MA 232, or permission of instructor.


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Charles A Dana Professor Emeritus Carole Bandy; Professor Kevin Fleming (Chair); Associate Professor Matthew Thomas; Assistant Professors Mark Stefani, Helene Sisti; Lecturers John Dulmage, Heather Porter

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