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PO 215 International Relations 3 Cr.

An inquiry in assumptions, theories, and dogmas of the modern state system. Examination and evaluation of such topics as realist theory; conflict resolution; game theory; decision-making theory; and ecopolitics. Prerequisite: Freshmen or Sophomore standing.

Political Science

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Associate Professors Michael Andrew, Jason Jagemann, and Yangmo Ku; Assistant Professor Michael Thunberg.

Studies in War and Peace

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...7 Permission required. 8 PO 202 Comparative Politics and PO 215 International Relations are prerequisites...

International Studies

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...3 PO 202 is a prerequisite for upper-level comparative politics courses and PO 215...

Asian Studies

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...PO 202 and PO 215 ; all other majors must complete either PO 202 or PO...

International Business

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...Language 3 4 Modern Language 3 4 PO 215 International Relations 3 Fall Semester Total...