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PH 323 Environmental Ethics 3 Cr.

An introduction to ethical issues concerning the human and non-human environment. The course provides a working knowledge of the concepts, theories, and types of argument characteristic of ethics in general. It analyzes and debates a selection of such topics as: ethical implications of continued economic and population growth; designing the infrastructure and architecture of human communities for optimal integration into the natural environment; sustainable agriculture and wilderness management; biodiversity and endangered species; pollution, waste disposal and climate change. Mainstream philosophical approaches will be compared with radical perspectives such as deep ecology and eco-feminism; and responses to ecological hazards ranging from free market strategies, through government regulation, local economic and ecological initiatives, to civil disobedience and eco-sabotage, may be examined.

Environmental Science

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...4 CH 104 General Chemistry II 4 PH 323 Environmental Ethics (General Education Ethics ) or...


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