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NR 555 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare 6 Cr.

This MSN elective is designed for nurse leaders who are interested in the entrepreneurial process and acquiring innovative knowledge and skills within the context of the healthcare environment. The student is introduced to definitions and concepts that pertain to innovation, including different types of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as individual-level, organizational and institutional factors that impact the healthcare innovation process. The course examines how entrepreneurs and healthcare organizations create and capture value through sustainable innovation that meet consumer and societal needs. It explores various approaches employed by entrepreneurial healthcare organizations and considers the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to succeed in today’s competitive and global environment. Through real-world examples, the student has the opportunity to evaluate innovative healthcare ventures and viable business models for different kinds of healthcare innovations. The student participates in a 100 hour mentored practicum to apply learned concepts to practice. This practicum experience provides the student with an opportunity to explore self-awareness, reflective practices and appreciative inquiry.