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MS 412 Military Science IV 4 Cr.

Transition from Cadet to U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant – The second of two senior capstone courses. Study of origins, development, and implementation of U.S. National Security Policy as it applies to the application of land power; focus on understanding and conducting Military Operations, the parameters in which the U.S. will participate, and the role of the military in PKOs. Intense understanding how to prepare and the students’ particular organization to ensure their objectives support the National policy; case studies of recent Military Operations; how tactical decisions can affect strategic outcomes, and the study of current events. Further development of individual leadership skills and knowledge through class seminars, leadership laboratories, and field training exercises; will assess the level of training in their organizations, develop a training plan to correct deficiencies and re-enforce strengths, and how to evaluate training results. The second half of the semester will further develop an understanding of leadership in organizations, team building, counseling subordinates, and the various support systems available to leaders. Advanced oral and written communications skills--preparing written assignments in the military writing style, along with oral presentations. Includes 3 lecture hours and also is required to enroll in MS 412 LL1, which is 2 Leadership Lab hours plus 3 hours of Physical Training, weekly. May be used as part of the six ROTC credits allowed for degree electives. Prerequisite: MS 411 or equivalent and students pursuing a commission.


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