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MS 411 Military Science IV 3 Cr.

Transition from Cadet to U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant -- The first of two senior capstone courses in Military Science. Training includes Army operations, training management, communications and leadership skills; will participate in selected studies of Military History including a visit to the Saratoga battlefield; will attain knowledge and proficiency in several critical areas, as follows: Army training management system, coordinating activities with staffs, and counseling skills. These skills will assist in leading Junior Army ROTC cadets throughout the school year. Instruction will include lecture/seminar, case studies, practical exercises and military laboratories to include field-training exercises. One third of the grade will include a measurement of the student’s ability to develop subordinate leaders and personnel. With the addition of MS 412 in the spring, this training assists in the transition to the Branch specific Basic Course as Commissioned Army Officers possessing high moral character, instilled with Army values, physically fit, knowledgeable in basic soldier skills and a meaningful understanding of leadership and management. Includes 3 lecture hours and also is required to enroll in MS 411 LL1, which is 2 Leadership Lab hours plus 3 hours of Physical Training, weekly. Prerequisites: MS 312 or equivalent and students pursuing a commission.


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