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MS 212 Military Science II 2 Cr.

Principles of Leadership and Small Unit Tactics II – Examines the challenges of leading teams in the complex operational environment. The course highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and operation orders. Further study of the theoretical basis of the Army Leadership Requirements Model explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations. Cadets develop greater self-awareness as they assess their own leadership styles and practice communication and team building skills. Laboratory work: Small unit tactics, advanced land navigation, physical fitness, and troop leading procedures. United States Armed Service members who have completed both Basic Combat Training (BCT) and an equivalent course may receive credit for MS 111 and/or MS 112 courses with a with a JST [Joint Service Transcript]. Students pursuing an Army commission must also register for MS 212 LL1, which includes 2 hours of Leadership Lab plus 3 hours of Physical Training, weekly. Includes 2 lecture hours. Prerequisite: MS 211 or equivalent.


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