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MEĀ 381 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I 2 Cr.

A study of the fundamentals of mechanical and electronic instruments and their use in measurement systems to obtain data on temperature, pressure, displacement, acceleration, and other physical variables. Introduction to experimental methods and procedures, reduction of data to significant form, and the organization of experimental results in written reports. Lecture 1 hour, lab 3 hours. Prerequisite: EE 204.

Mechanical Engineering

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Professor R. Danner Friend (Chair); Associate Professor Karen Supan; Assistant Professors Carolina Payares-Asprino, Scott Smith, and Charles White; Lecturer Martin Rolland; Donald Wallace Visiting Assistant Professor Shazali Osman

Engineering Science

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...303 , CE 211 , CE 321 , CE 322 , CE 336 , CE 348 , ME 381 , ME 382