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MA 419 Internship in Mathematics 3 Cr.

A course designed to provide an internship on a topic chosen by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. A written report is required. Students may receive credit for not more than two internships as part of their mathematics program requirements. Students with a GPA below 2.5 will not be approved for this course. A minimum of 120 hours on the job work is required. Prerequisites: Junior 2 standing and permission of instructor and Department Chair.

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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Charles A. Dana Professors Daniel McQuillan and Darlene Olsen; Professors Cathy Frey, Gerard LaVarnway, Robert Poodiack, and Jeffrey Olson (Chair); Associate Professors Sean Kramer, Christine Latulippe, and Jocelyn Latulippe; Assistant Professors Addie Armstrong, Natalie Cartwright, and Jared Holshouser; Lecturers Linn Caroleo, Min Ku and Susan McAuliffe.

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