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GI 532 Human Factors and Managing Risk 6 Cr.

This seminar focuses on the ways that business objectives, user attitudes and user activities significantly influence both the development of an information assurance program and its successful implementation. The first week focuses on Operations Security and why it is the foundation for an IA program and the key to the program’s effectiveness. The following five weeks explore security awareness as a component of organizational culture: crafting the information assurance message; understanding ethical decision- making as a factor in security; understanding social psychology and how behaviors will influence the effectiveness of security activities; using employment practices and policies to support information security; and creating Acceptable Use and e-mail policies. The final four weeks examine different elements of Risk Management from basic principles through application. The NIST Special Publication 800-30 provides a solid foundation for the risk management issues. Two popular risk assessment processes, and several other processes that help identify risk will be discussed.