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GD 510 Theory and the International System 6 Cr.

In this seminar students will review the basic theories that govern the international relations discipline. As no one theory fully explains the international system, a firm grasp of the leading paradigms gives a student a solid foundation on which to build the degree. This seminar will also trace the historical evolution of diplomacy within the international system giving the student a sense of its progression and an awareness of the milestones of diplomatic interaction within that system.

Master of Arts in Diplomacy

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The Master of Arts in Diplomacy degree is designed for government, military, non- governmental, and business professionals who must operate within a challenging international environment. The curriculum offers a unique combination of seminars that provide students with an effective understanding of the international system. This includes a substantial grounding in the theories behind that system, the structural constraints of the system (International Law), and knowledge of the prime motivator to interact within the system (International Economics). The degree then moves into its concentrations. Currently, there are four concentrations within the program; International Conflict Management, International Terrorism, International Commerce, and Cyber-Diplomacy.