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ES 251 Sophomore Seminar in Environmental Science 1 Cr.

Introduces the fundamentals of scientific investigation and communication. An experimental project introduces the Scientific Method, while scientific literature is introduced and coupled with instruction in and application of technical writing. Students learn to communicate scientific information in poster and oral presentations and they initiate development of their professional portfolio. 1 lecture hour. May not earn credit for both ES 251 and GL 251. (Fall).

Environmental Science

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Charles A. Dana Professor Richard K. Dunn (Chair);  Associate Professor G. Christopher Koteas; Assistant Professor Laurie D. Grigg; Lecturer John Gartner; Research Associate George E. Springston


Residential Programs Catalog

...Spring Cr. Comp. GL 251 Sophomore Seminar in...higher, EE, EG, EM, ES, GL, MA (108...