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EN 278 Writing for the Web 3 Cr.

Writing for the Web examines the ways that digital technologies impact writing. Through experimentation with different written modes, as well as the manipulation and analysis of various media, students will compose and revise content for web-based environments. This course approaches writing from a rhetorical perspective that emphasizes purpose and audience. Students practice using various existing and emerging technologies, but prior technical training is not required. Prerequisite: EN 102.


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Charles A. Dana Professor F. Brett Cox; Professors Patricia Ferreira, Daniel Lane,  Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams (Chair) ; Associate Professors Dalyn Luedtke,  Carl Martin,  Kyle Pivetti, Sean Prentiss, and  Amy Woodbury Tease; Assistant Professor Jeff Casey ; Lecturers Megan Cannella, Kate Donley, and Michan Myer, Anne Summers, and Mayumi Wagstaff-Blaise.