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EN 222 Introduction to World Literatures 3 Cr.

A thematic introduction to the field of world literature that includes readings from across the globe, in particular those from outside the European tradition. Students will explore issues such as translation, textual transmission, and literary form across varied cultural and historical contexts. Required texts are in English translation; foreign language training is neither assumed nor required. 3 lecture hours. Prerequisite: EN 102.


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Charles A. Dana Professor F. Brett Cox; Professors Patricia Ferreira, Daniel Lane,  Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams (Chair) ; Associate Professors Dalyn Luedtke,  Carl Martin,  Kyle Pivetti, Sean Prentiss, and  Amy Woodbury Tease; Assistant Professor Jeff Casey ; Lecturers Megan Cannella, Kate Donley, and Michan Myer, Anne Summers, and Mayumi Wagstaff-Blaise.


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