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EG 301 Mechanics of Materials 3 Cr.

A course on the concepts of stress and strain; effect of loads; analysis of plane stress and strain; deformations of beams, shafts, and axial members; buckling and combined stresses. 3 Lecture hours. Prerequisite: EG 201.


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Faculty: Charles A. Dana Professor Michael Puddicombe; Professors Jacques Beneat, R. Danner Friend, and Edwin Schmeckpeper; Associate Professors Nadia Al-Aubaidy,  Michael Kelley, Tara Kulkarni, Jack Patterson, Michael Prairie, Adam Sevi, Karen Supan and Moses Tefe; Assistant Professors Ali Al Bataineh,  Michael Cross, Carolina Payares-Asprino, Scott Smith, and Charles White; Lecturers Mark Atwood and Matt Rolland;  Donald Wallace Visiting Assistant Professor Ricardo Cruz-Lozano.

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