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ED 377 Instructional Methods in the Social Studies 3 Cr.

Students study several aspects of the socials studies including history, culture, society, politics and its importance in elementary and secondary school settings. Students examine historical content, how we have developed our understanding of historical events and how to think critically about topics related to social studies. Attention is given to pedagogical practice for social studies teachers with a strong emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. Students analyze examples of classroom behavior through the lens of multicultural and social justice education and they consider the challenging nature of managing diverse classroom spaces. 3 Lecture hours. Prerequisite: ED 324 (Fall).


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The Education program has majors leading to a BS in Elementary Education, a BS in Physical Education preK-12, and Mathematics students may work toward a second major in Education if they are interested in teaching at the secondary level. Mathematics students interested in pursuing a recommendation for a teaching license in the State of Vermont must complete all of the designated requirements for the Mathematics major, and they must complete a sequence of Education courses to help prepare them to become secondary mathematics teachers.