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ED 104 Foundations of Education 3 Cr.

This course examines the historical, sociological, and philosophical foundations of the American educational system. Current trends in education will be reviewed and evaluated. Issues affecting the role of the teacher, including school governance and finance, legal foundations, social influences, and educational reform will be explored. This course is a prerequisite course for ED 234 Learning Strategies for Education Majors. 3 lecture hours. (Fall, Spring).


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The Education program has majors leading to a BS in Elementary Education, a BS in Physical Education preK-12, and Mathematics students may work toward a second major in Education if they are interested in teaching at the secondary level. Mathematics students interested in pursuing a recommendation for a teaching license in the State of Vermont must complete all of the designated requirements for the Mathematics major, and they must complete a sequence of Education courses to help prepare them to become secondary mathematics teachers.

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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Physical Education Curriculum Overview

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