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CJ 410 Senior Seminar 3 Cr.

A course dedicated to intensive research and analysis of major issues in criminal justice. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and evaluation of topics previously discussed during the student's academic career in the criminal justice program. Attention will also be given to professional development topics, ethics and criminal justice policy. CJ 410 meets capstone requirement. Cross listed with CRMJ 400; not permitted to earn credit for both CJ 410 and CRMJ 400. Prerequisite: Juniors status or higher; Criminal justice major. (Fall, Spring).

Criminal Justice

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Professors William Clements and Penny Shtull; Associate Professors Elizabeth Gurian (Associate Director), W. Travis Morris (Director); Assistant Professors Matthew Fischer, Connie Hassett-Walker, Stephanie Maass, Robert VandenBerg; Lecturer Anne Buttimer. David Sem (Internship Coordinator)