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CJ 316 Criminal Violence 3 Cr.

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the causes, patterns, and interventions related to violent crimes, including: homicide, robbery, assaults, rape, hate crimes, and terrorism, and in different contexts and settings, such as gangs, the family, the workplace, and schools. Attention is also given to measuring and comparing different forms of violence, theoretical perspectives, challenges in studying violence, current events, and future implications for punishment and prevention. Prerequisite: CJ 201, grade of C or higher.

Criminal Justice

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Professors William Clements and Penny Shtull; Associate Professors Elizabeth Gurian (Associate Director), W. Travis Morris (Director); Assistant Professors Matthew Fischer, Connie Hassett-Walker, Stephanie Maass, Robert VandenBerg; Lecturer Anne Buttimer. David Sem (Internship Coordinator)