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CE 336 Introduction to Transportation Engineering 3 Cr.

An introduction to different modes of transportation with emphasis on roadway and traffic engineering. Topics include transportation planning, highway geometric and pavement design, drainage, construction, traffic-control devices, traffic operations and management, and highway capacity analysis. Classroom 3 hours. Prerequisites: CE 211.

Civil Engineering

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Charles A. Dana Professor Michael Puddicombe; Professor Edwin Schmeckpeper (Chair); Associate Professors Nadia Al-Aubaidy, Michael Kelley, Tara Kulkarni, Jack Patterson, Adam Sevi, and Moses Tefe; Lecturer Mark Atwood

Engineering Science

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The Engineering Science minor engages students in a exploration of a variety of topics in the engineering disciplines. Students who are not enrolled in an engineering curriculum may declare this minor, and must select six courses in one or more of the engineering disciplines, subject to the approval of the director of the School of Engineering.     

Construction Management

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...Systems I 3 CE 457 Wood, Steel, and Concrete Structures 4 CE 336 Introduction to...