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BI 415 Neuroanatomy 4 Cr.

The anatomy of the brain and nervous system, with an emphasis on human neuroanatomy is discussed in this course including gross and microscopic anatomy, with in depth treatments of physical and functional organization, and major neural pathways. 3 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours. Prereq: BI 370. Offered Fall odd years. 202110.

Neuroscience Curriculum Overview

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Dana Professor Karen Hinkle, Professor Lauren Howard; Associate Professors Megan Doczi (Biology Chair & Neuroscience Program Coordinator), Scott Page; Assistant Professors Allison Neal and Simon Pearish; Lecturers David Ebenstein (Lab Coordinator), Mary Beth Klinger-Lawrence and Virginia Kunkel.

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...Electives: BI 101 , BI 102 , BI 220 , BI... , 415 N. Charles Street...


Residential Programs Catalog

...Elective. 3 BI 101 , BI 102 , BI 220...Commission (EAC) of ABET. 415 N. Charles Street...