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BA 515 Governance, Security, Risks and Ethics in Business Analytics 3 Cr.

This course will examine the role and impact of data analytics and the use of intelligence in business and society, with emphasis on legal, professional and public policy issues. The course will include an examination of data analytics to facilitate learning about legal standards for private organizations using data analytics techniques in various strategic business contexts. Students will consider legal issues across the stages of the data life-cycle from collection to analysis to decision-making to review. This is a dynamic course due to the constantly evolving national and global regulatory landscape which presents a rich basis for student contemplation and discussion. Specific topics in the course curriculum include information privacy law such as U.S. tort law, federal statutory and administrative law and constitutional protection of civil liberties; European Union data privacy regulation; cyber-intelligence and cyber-security regulation; intellectual property rights with respect to ownership of input and output data; contractual liability, specifically with respect to third-party reliance on data analysis; competition law and competitive intelligence. Pre-req: successful completion of BA 500 and BA 501 COURSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION; AWAITING APPROVAL BY UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM COMMITTEE.