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APĀ 225 Introduction to Passive Environmental Systems 3 Cr.

Introduction to the impacts of environmental energies on architectural form. Emphasis is on the processes architects orders light, climate, gravity, and sound responses to achieve building geometry. Also addressed are concepts and strategies for responding to environmental hazards, and designing healthy buildings and green architecture. 3 lecture hours. Prerequisite: AP 118 or EG 110. (Fall).

Architectural Studies (undergraduate)

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Charles A. Dana Professor David Woolf; Professors Arthur Schaller and Aron Temkin; Associate Professors Cara Armstrong, Wendy Cox, Eleanor D'Aponte, Matthew Lutz, Timothy Parker, Danny Sagan and Tolya Stonorov.

Construction Management

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...Spring Cr. Comp. AP 225 Introduction to Passive Environmental Systems 3 AP 325 Materials, Construction...