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AD 582 Healthcare Management 6 Cr.

The course provides learners with managerial competencies – aggregated knowledge, skills and abilities – associated with quality management of healthcare nonprofit organizations. The learning outcomes emphasize competencies outlined and highlighted in the Healthcare Leadership Competency Model and the CPHQ Examination. AD 582 addresses all of the competencies outlined in the NCHL Health Leadership model, including: transformation, execution, and people. The seminar is designed to fully prepare the learner to successfully complete requirements for the professional certification of Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Among the main themes of the course are the following: organizational administration of health care facilities, financial management in health care, strategies and methodologies for effective health care planning, information systems planning and management in health care, health care economics, quality management in health care organizations, health care leadership, communications and marketing in the healthcare environment, healthcare quality management, including assessment tools and models and program improvement processes, knowledge and information management, human resource management in healthcare organizations, legal and regulatory issues and policies, and, professional ethics.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Healthcare Management

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...six-hour graduate seminars, including AD 542 Leading Nonprofit Organizations and AD 582 Healthcare Management.