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ACĀ 336 Intermediate Accounting II 3 Cr.

A continuation of the in-depth study of accounting theory and practice begun in Intermediate Accounting I. The course addresses the valuation, accounting, and reporting of both short and long-term investment securities, current and contingent liabilities, notes and bonds payable, and shareholders' equity. In addition, the accounting for leases, income taxes, pensions, stock-based compensation, earning per share, and accounting changes are also studied. Prerequisite: AC 335 or AC 205 and AC 206 with a grade of "C" or better and permission of the instructor.

Accounting Curriculum Overview

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Charles A. Dana Professor Michael Puddicombe; Professor D. William Jolley; Associate Professors David Blythe (Director), Nasim Hosein, Sethuram Soman and Thomas Yandow; Visiting Associate Professors Andrew Bargerstock and Peter Appleton; Lecturers James Rogler and Kris Rowley; Adjunct Instructors Daniel Alcorn, Joseph Bosley, Duncan Currier, Jon Dellapriscoli, Bruce Faulkner and Renato (Ron) Merolli.

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