Chaplain's Office

Norwich is non-sectarian. However, believing that acquisition of and/or affirmation of one's own personal spiritual convictions is an essential part of each individual's character development and education, the University provides religious services in the Eugene L. White Memorial White Chapel throughout the year.

Two Roman Catholic masses and at least one Non-denominational Protestant Worship Service are conducted weekly. A part-time Roman Catholic Priest and a full-time Non-Denominational Protestant Chaplain serve the campus.  An Islamic prayer room is available in the basement of White Chapel, and Jewish students avail themselves of the local synagogues in Montpelier and Stowe.

Local houses of worship for different faiths and denominations, including addresses, phone numbers, and identification of spiritual leaders, can be found in a pamphlet located in the literature rack immediately inside the entrance to the Chapel sanctuary.  Many religious groups offer free transportation for students to attend services. After the initial week of training, recruits/rooks may leave campus to attend such religious services.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Chaplain's Office:

  • Chaplain’s Office Telephone: 802.485.2128
  • Chaplain’s Home Telephone: 802.485.7877
  • Chaplain's Cell Phone 802.272.0585
  • Email: