Honors Program

Director: Michael Thunberg.

The mission of the Honors Program is to support an enriched university experience for highly motivated students with demonstrated academic abilities and strong interests in research, service, and leadership.

The University Honors Program is a merit-based, highly selective academic track for outstanding undergraduates, comprising less than 5% of the graduating class.  It provides a framework for an advanced education experience encompassing the following core elements:

  • Customized opportunities for enhanced academic growth
  • One-on-one faculty mentorship over the participant’s tenure in the Honors Program
  • Individualized hands-on research experience
  • Learning community of like-minded motivated peers
  • Prestigious Honors designation on the diploma and transcript upon graduation

The Norwich University Honors Program is designed with the understanding that most of our students have very tight curriculum maps and do not have many free electives.

The Honors Program has a two-wave admission model.

  • First wave. The top 15% of first-year applicants are invited to apply to the program. If they choose to pursue this opportunity, then the student must submit an Honors Program application that consists of two letters of recommendation from an educator familiar with the student’s academic profile; a resume outlining the student’s academic achievements, work experience, and service credentials; and, a response essay to a writing prompt. The Norwich University Honors Council considers the credentials of each applicant and makes acceptance decisions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Second wave. Students completing their first semester at Norwich with a 3.2 GPA or higher and showing outstanding academic aptitude are invited to apply to the program. Nominations are also solicited from faculty teaching freshmen courses. Second wave students follow an application process that is similar to that of first wave applicants.