Clubs (Academic & Special Interest)

Academic Clubs  (AC)
A variety of academically related clubs, societies, and organizations are available for Norwich students.  This enables students with similar interests to enjoy and collaborate on academic subjects and take part in professional activities.

Special Interest Clubs  (SI)
The list of sanctioned clubs at Norwich is driven by student interest. Some groups, like the Christian Fellowship and Ballroom Dance Club, have been established for quite some time and are enthusiastically supported by the faculty, staff, and student body. Other clubs may be less traditional, and are formed to explore the special interests of a small group of students. To learn how to create a club--and receive funding from the University--contact Student Activities at 

Club Sports Teams (CST)
Sports teams with the opportunity to compete against other colleges and universities in league and tournament contests on campus and at other institutions. 

Airsoft Division (SI)
The intent of NUAD is to bring students of all grades and skills together and take part in local airsoft scenarios, games, and team training that take place on campus. All that we ask is that participants be prepared to learn. There is no need for prior knowledge or experience; we will teach you the tools for success.

Arnold Air Society (SI)
An Air Force ROTC based society that focuses on military professionalism, academic success, and civic engagement.

NU Alliance (SI)
The NU Alliance is a club that is dedicated to serving students of all orientations and lifestyles and specifically catering towards the needs and well-being of Norwich University’s LGBTQ individuals and their allies. The meetings of the club are focused on providing a safe and encouraging environment for students to discuss and learn about LGBTQ issues and focus on the role of LGBTQ students and their allies in creating a better campus climate for diversity. Meetings are open, fun, and everyone is welcome.

Alpha Chi (all disciplines)  (AC)
This is the national college honor society for all academic disciplines.

Alpha Nu Omega  (AC)
This is the local Norwich chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Official national web site:

American Chemical Society Student Chapter (ACS)  (AC)
The mission of the ACS shall be to afford an opportunity for students of chemistry, biochemistry and allied disciplines to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. Official ACS web site:

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)  (AC)
A national student organization that promotes excellence in architecture, education, training, and practice; fosters appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; and organizes architecture students and combines their efforts to advance the science of architecture. This is a club for the architecture students of Norwich University. NU AIAS strives to inspire young designers, encourage networking, and display opportunities in the field of architecture.  To do this, the students travel to architectural conferences, host lecture and film series, and participate in design charettes. Official AIAS web site:

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)  (AC)
The aim of this chapter is to afford the civil engineering student association with others who share the interest in civil engineering profession, and thus prepare for entry into the profession and the national society. The objective of the Norwich University American Society of Civil Engineers (NU ASCE) Student Chapter is to provide hands-on engineering experience to civil and environmental engineering and construction engineering management students. The club contributes to Norwich University by allowing students to gain engineering experience outside of the classroom. Students who have participated in NU ASCE will be more knowledgeable than their peers after graduation. The club competes in several annual competitions, representing Norwich University on a regional and national level. The club also promotes the NU civil engineering department by hosting a High School Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition. This competition allows high school students to design, build, and test a model bridge while interacting with students in Norwich's civil engineering department.   Official ASCE web site:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  (AC)
The Norwich University student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an organization that seeks to promote and explore opportunities in engineering.  ASME offers students, faculty, alumni, and community members the ability to interact, network with engineering professionals, and provide civil service to the surrounding area.  ASME combines scholastic principles with fundamental real-world applications to enhance engineering knowledge and awareness. Students with a strong interest in mechanical engineering gain such benefits as a subscription to cutting-edge technology information in ME Magazine, scholarship opportunities, mentoring within the profession, free conference attendance, etc. Official web site:

Anime Society (SI)
This club was founded to foster the interest of anime among Norwich students. The Anime Society participates in conventions throughout the northeast.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (AC)
ACM members do their best to make Norwich University a better place to study computers and related technology. To promote exploration of the world of computer science and engineering, and the creation and sharing of knowledge with one another and the larger ACM community, the Club regularly hosts events such as LAN parties and guest presentations by industry leaders and faculty.

Ballroom Dance Club (SI)
Our goal with the Norwich Ballroom Dance Club is to present students with the opportunity to learn a valuable skill for their future plans while still having fun. We want to extend the opportunities beyond just learning and practicing by providing experience outside of our campus meeting place through ballroom dance competitions. The Ballroom Club allows people to dance with a variety of partners, of which many will become lifelong friends; it is a way for students in different courses of study to meet new people who share a similar interest. Ballroom dancing is also a beneficial skill to learn for the future, whether our members are joining the armed forces or entering the business career field upon graduation.

Beta Beta Beta (BBB)  (AC)
An honor and professional society affiliated with the American Association of the Advancement of Science, for all students interested in biological sciences. Activities include sponsoring speakers, and attending conferences, field trips, and social activities. Official BBB web site:

Chi Epsilon (AC)
This is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity.

Chinese Cultural and Language Club (SI)
NU Chinese Club is an organization that focuses on Asian and primarily Chinese culture, customs, and language. The members of the Club will learn certain Chinese values and manners that will greatly develop them as global citizens and aid them in case of studying abroad, as well as go through hand-on applications of culture, such as calligraphy, Chinese games, music, movies, and more. The NU Chinese Club also takes an active part in and helps to sponsor University-wide events such as the Moon Festival and Chinese New Year celebration. This year, for active members, the Club is also hoping to sponsor a cultural trip for its members to experience Chinese culture and influence in Montreal, Canada.

Club Golf Team (CST)
The club golf team hires the Northfield Country Club PGA Pro, and competes in a fall season against other colleges and universities. Our top six golfers can compete in each match during our Fall season. The main goal of the team is to have fun and continue to develop Norwich Golf.

Club Men’s ACHA Ice Hockey Team (CST)
The Norwich University ACHA (Club) Hockey team is a Division 1 member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association and North East Collegiate Hockey Association. The team competes with other ACHA and NECHA sanctioned teams and prep schools throughout New England and Eastern New York. The team competes for a NECHA title as well as a spot into the ACHA regional and national tournaments. The team holds tryouts every October and anyone interested is encouraged to contact the club.

Club Women’s ACHA Ice Hockey Team (CST)
The purpose of the Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team is to establish a team to play a competitive schedule of games against other club hockey teams in the IWCHL. The team will also practice multiple times a week at Kreitzberg Arena. The team holds tryouts each year and carries a roster of 25 players.

Consulting Club (SI)
The Norwich Consulting Club is a student-run organization that intends to provide information, education, and practice for students interested in consulting. A career in consulting can be very rewarding due to the inherent leadership development, diverse learning opportunities, career development, and compensation. Our goal is to provide information to students about the possibilities that exist and how to successfully pursue a career in consulting. This will be done by providing members with general information, studying actual consulting frameworks, and practicing real case studies.

Soccer Club (SI)
The Norwich University Soccer Club is dedicated to allowing anyone to enjoy the sport of soccer. We provide a friendly but competitive environment for anyone that is interested in playing. We compete in local leagues in indoor and outdoor seasons, with practice being optional and every day.  Come out and enjoy the music and the game.

Club Track Team (CST)
The Norwich University Club Track Team was founded many years ago and was revived in 2012. The events for the club range from running the 50m dash to the 5k race. Also, the only field event as of now is the shot-put (men’s and women’s). The Track Team is open to any NU students interested and there are no qualification times or distances. We meet three times a week for practice and have several planned races. Currently, there are roughly 50 students who are members of NUTF; the NUTF has the goal of becoming a varsity sport for the University. “From many events, one team”.

Ultimate Frisbee (SI)
The purpose of the Club Ultimate Frisbee Team is to provide students who are interested in playing, or learning to play, Ultimate Frisbee a place to do so. Activities include contests at events and tournaments at other colleges and universities. The team also provides students an outlet to get to know new members of the Norwich Community as well as to hopefully branch out to other schools in the area as well. Ultimate is a noncontact, self-refereed sport and therefore helps with physical health but also helps to build character. Because of its 'Spirit of the Game' rules, players are taught negotiation, leadership, and communication skills. But most importantly, it is about having fun in a safe environment.

Norwich Shooting Association (NSA) (SI)
The Club Shooting Team is comprised of students from all shooting disciplines and abilities, from those who have never shot a firearm before to those who can complete at the highest levels in their chosen events. The team currently has a wide variety of firearms and is always working to find new and different ways to compete. The team shoots at a fifty-foot indoor range located 5 miles from the University.

Norwich University Construction Engineering Management (NUCEM) (SI)
The Norwich University Construction Engineering Club aims to further the knowledge, experience, and professional pursuits of every member at Norwich University. Hands-on experience will be promoted for all members through field trips, volunteer projects and internships. The Construction Engineering Club will be open to any and all students regardless of prior experience or skill level. The Club strongly encourages new members, especially those willing to learn about and eventually go into the field of Construction Engineering Management. But most importantly, it is about having fun in a safe environment. Club Membership is open to all current Norwich Students.

Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) (AC)
Founded in 1986, the Criminal Justice Student Association was developed as an educational and social organization for all criminal justice majors. Club members share a genuine interest in justice studies and federal law enforcement, encompassing the pursuit of knowledge and career opportunities beyond the classroom. The club consistently works on projects as a team, which allows it to consistently surpass its goals as a club. The CJSA is also involved in helping others through community outreach. The CJSA has organized educational trips to forensic labs, participated with the FBI in SWAT simulations, sponsored guest speakers, and organized an annual field trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with top federal law enforcement officials.  The networks the organization develops with Norwich alumni provide students with special opportunities in their future criminal justice careers.

Delta Mu Delta (AC)
This is the national honor society in business administration. Official national web site:

Digital Forensics Team (AC)
The Digital Forensics Team looks to gain knowledge on digital forensics, ethics, and technical skills through hands-on experience lectures, and guest speakers.

Education Club (AC)
A club tailored for education majors, but open to all current Norwich students, and has developed an annual service-learning trip to volunteer at an inner-city elementary school in New York during spring break. 

Enlisted Club (SI)
This club's main goal is to help the enlisted personnel on campus out in the field as well as in the classroom.

Entrepreneurship Club (SI)
The Entrepreneurship Club’s goal is to assemble students with multifarious educational backgrounds in a consultative environment through which business concepts are supported and launched. The club will support individuals and teams working on projects, and embrace the idea of continual education by providing students with access to diverse speakers and seminars spanning the spectrum of innovation and entrepreneurship. The club stresses that students should pursue projects outside normal course curriculum, and work with members to develop their projects in a collaborative setting.

Eta Kappa Nu (electrical and computer engineering) (AC)
This is the Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society. Official national web site:

Equestrian Club (SI)
The Equestrian Club is open to all current NU students that want to learn more about equine interests and activities. Members will have the opportunity to participate in club events and take lessons to learn how to ride or improve skills. The club is open to all levels of horsemanship and riding ability.  Currently, the club takes lessons from East Hill Farm in Plainfield VT. Their wonderful, and knowledgeable staff teach both beginners and high-level riders mainly in the classical style of dressage but also do a bit of jumping. To learn more about the farm, trainers and owner visit the link  The Equestrian Club also offers a competitive IHSA riding opportunity. We encourage beginners to advanced level riders. If you have an interest in competitive riding with a great group of students, the club IHSA Team is for you!

IHSA Equestrian Team (SI)
The IHSA Equestrian Team is a group of equestrians at Norwich University that like to pursue training in the Hunt Seat on the flat and over fences discipline. We compete yearly in the IHSA organization against other colleges and universities in our Zone 1 Region 2. We have weekly riding lessons and a show season consisting of 6-7 shows in the fall and 1 in the spring. When you gain enough points in your division you will ride in Regionals and possibly Zones and Nationals based on your performance at the previous show, then your next season you will advance to a higher show level. There are 5 riding levels from walk, trot to Open.

Investment Club (SI)
Greetings from the Norwich University Investment Club! Are you interested in learning how the world of investment works? If so, then the Norwich University Investment Club is right for you. Our members are dedicated to passing their knowledge to others. With dedication, you will learn and can apply it to your future. 

Fishing Club (SI)
Norwich University Fishing Club is a club to introduce students to all types of fishing. This includes learning about different types of fishing and fishing skills.

French Club (AC)
This is a club for all students who are interested in pursuing further the language of French. All levels of knowledge of the language are accepted. The goal of this club is to enrich the Norwich student's knowledge of the French language and Francophone culture in a stimulating and supportive environment. The activities of the Club also help address Norwich’s goal to internationalize the campus; offer diversity and opportunities to develop a more global perspective. The club encourages the participation of all students, faculty and staff of the Norwich University Community.

Golden Anchor Society (SI)
The Golden Anchor Society is a highly motivated Norwich University club driven to improve the academic, physical, mental, and moral development of its members, through physical training, team-building exercises, Naval information briefs, organization of Naval themed events, and club trips that directly relate to the expansion of naval motivation and knowledge. Members of the Golden Anchor Society club will expand naval knowledge through both the study of Navy and Marine Corps traditions, history, weapon systems, tactics, and study important people in their history through the presentation of their lives and actions that directly furthered the values and mission of both the Navy and Marine Corps.  The Club motto Give it All, challenges its members throughout their time in the Golden Anchor society to live the motto in every aspect of their lives.

Grenadiers Jazz Ensemble (SI)
The Grenadiers is Norwich University's very own Jazz band. The band plays a variety of swing, blues, and more. The band also performs both on and off-campus. This includes major balls, dinners, concerts, etc. The Jazz Band is open to both Corps and Civilian students through audition.

Hillel (SI)
The Norwich University Hillel is a Jewish community on campus. It supports and encourages Jewish Life at Norwich.

Hip Hop Dance Club (SI)
This club provides a fun, learning environment for members to learn new hip hop routines, and explore different genres of dance. Focusing on the Hip Hop style, this club will look to remix different songs for the members to perform.

The Norwich Guidon (student newspaper) (SI)
The Norwich Guidon is the student newspaper of Norwich University, it is published twice monthly and has won numerous awards for excellence in its class. Reporters, editors, and managers for The Norwich Guidon are students at the University who work under the guidance of a Communications faculty advisor.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) (AC)
The purpose and scope of IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society at NU is to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology and the professional standing of its members. The IEEE Computer Society club at NU strives to fulfill these objectives through community service, networking opportunities, distinguished IEEE guest speakers, scholarship, access to technology and cross-disciplinary engagement. This club is open to all students and intends to offer fun, professionally enriching and educational opportunities to its members.

Intercultural Students Organization (ISO) (SI)
The Intercultural Students Organization aims to enrich the cultural experience of students at Norwich University by organizing events in which international students can interact with the American students and members of the community. The ISO also organizes activities to give students the opportunity of learning about different cultures, meeting new people, sharing experiences and bringing diversity to our campus.

Investment Club (SI)
Greetings from the Norwich University Investment Club! Are you interested in learning how the world of investment works? If so, then the Norwich University Investment Club is right for you. Our members are dedicated to passing their knowledge to others. With dedication, you will learn and can apply it to your future.

Jui-jitsu Club (SI)
This is a club that focuses on self-defense and an art that requires discipline and dedication. It is a great work out and will test your abilities and mental strength. It is safe and in a stress-free environment where everyone is equal with the same goal, to learn. If you feel up to the challenge and the work out then I will see you there and in the end, you will be stronger for it mentally and physically. We are here to learn and create a brotherhood where everyone is equal. 

Latin Dance Cub (SI)
This club is for anyone who wants to learn how to dance Latin music (no need to know how to dance). Learning from salsa, bachata, to merengue and more. Not only will we be learning the dances, but the meaning behind the dance as well.

League of Legends (SI)
The Norwich University League of Legends Club is dedicated to bringing together students at Norwich in the League of Legends community. During meetings we will have custom games for students to play head-to-head as well as games for regular modes. The club also selects members to participate in the annual college tournament put on by riot for league of legends.

Maroon and Gold Key (SI)
These students assist in the recruitment and retention of students. The organization conducts tours of the campus for all guests, hosts overnight visits of prospective students, and assists at Open Houses and some off-campus recruitment events.

Model United Nations (SI)
The purpose of the Norwich University Model United Nations Club is to prepare and teach Norwich students about the function of the United Nations and other international organizations and issues by training and providing opportunities for Norwich students to participate in Model United Nations conferences and other international simulations across the country and around the world.

Navy Special Warfare (SI)
A club looking to get like-minded individuals interested in joining the Navy Special Warfare community together to pool knowledge of training and career paths within the community.

Northfield Experimental Radio Society (SI)
Armature Radio club is open to all students who are interested in amateur radio and emergency communications. Dedicated to getting students their amateur radio license and on the air

Neuroscience Journal and Outreach (SI)
This club will be modeled after a graduate student journal club. Meetings every other week will showcase student presentations on current publications in neuroscience journals. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to perform service activities with local elementary, middle, and high schools. Groups of students will travel and give lessons to all ages on the nervous system. The club will also expose students to professional organizations within the field of neuroscience, preparing students for graduate school and careers in neuroscience.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (SI)
To support fellowship on campus, to experience and witness the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith (Acts 2:42). Furthermore, OCF will work to nurture and strengthen love for Jesus Christ and His Church in its fullness at this most critical juncture of human life and offer an opportunity for Orthodox Christian students and those interested in the Orthodox Christian Church to become more fully acquainted with and informed about their Orthodox heritage.

Paranormal Society (SI)
An organization of amateur paranormal researchers, interested in researching the history of legends, hauntings, and myths surrounding Norwich University and the state of Vermont.

Pre-Health Professions (SI)
Student members will congregate to discuss the pre-requisites and practice skills that will prepare them for their future health professions. It will be achieved through but not limited to field trips, lectures, and information sessions, etc.

Rock Climbing Club (SI)
Mountaineering Rock Climbing Club is for those who like the outdoors and want to learn a new skill. There are several trips run throughout the year to places all over New England, run by students and faculty alike.

Norwich Christian Fellowship (NCF) (SI)
Members of Norwich Christian Fellowship strive to create a place where students and faculty can praise and worship God in a non-denominational Christian atmosphere that encourages fellowship and dialogue.   NCF answers questions of those seeking God, nurtures young Christians, supports mature Christians and trains world-changers to operate in the military and civilian sector.

Omicron Delta Epsilon (economics) (AC)
This is the national economics fraternity. Official national web site:

Paintball Club (SI)
The Norwich University Paintball club operates and plays on the campus paintball field as well as traveling to big games, scenarios and tournaments all over the North East.  There truly is something for every style of play with our competitive speedball team competing in the NCPA, a pump team competing in the Gravity League and a well-known scenario team that travels to big games such as Castle Conquest, and The West Point Combat Classic.

Pegasus Players (SI)
The Pegasus Players is the resident theater company for Norwich University. It is composed of students, faculty, and community members. This club provides opportunities to act, design, build sets, and make costumes. Through their work in Pegasus, have the chance to learn the basic skills of theater and earn academic credit (EN 242).

Physical Education Club (AC)
The main purpose of the Physical Education Club is to educate our members on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle by teaching lifelong sports and activities. Moreover, the club provides hands-on experience in the field of Physical Education and helps build one’s resume through conferences and certifications. The club provides a positive learning environment for all its members.

Pi Gamma Mu (AC)
This is an honor society broadly concerned with the social sciences. Its primary objectives are to encourage the study of the social sciences among graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members throughout the world, and to recognize outstanding achievement. Official web site:

Pi Sigma Alpha (AC)
This is the Political Science Honor Society. The objectives of this organization are to: stimulate productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subject of government, politics, and policy; seek to promote a better understanding of government, politics, and policy among its members; promote worthwhile curricular and extracurricular activities related to political science; advance and diffuse knowledge and interest in political science; to organize and conduct seminars, conferences, research, discussion groups, and publications in the subject of political science. Official website:

Pipes and Drums Band (SI)
The Norwich University Pipe Band is dedicated to learning and performing Highland music to the best of its abilities.  In particular, the band is looking for players of the bagpipes, snare, Scottish tenor, and bass drums.  Experience is preferred, but not required.  The band plays both locally and regionally.  MU230 and MU200 are accompanying 1-credit classes that may be taken as humanities electives.

Political Science Club, Politeia (AC)
The Political Science Club is dedicated to promoting the interest of domestic and international politics to our student body. Our goal is to both educate and debate the issues pertaining to our nation. We want to inform our club members of the important decisions being faced in Congress. Most importantly as a senior military college it is our job to remain on top of the politics going on in Washington. As many of our students will go on to serve and be our nation's next leaders it is only appropriate that we understand what our nation is fighting for.

Pre-Law Society (AC)
The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to advance the scholarly study of law and to facilitate the implementation of such study to benefit our society. It is the vision of the Pre-Law Society to offer assistance to students at Norwich University by helping them make informed decisions in selecting law as a career, the application process, determining a law school, and the practice law in any law-related profession. 

Pre-Med Club (AC)
The Pre-Medical Club serves to educate and prepare Norwich University students who desire to enter medical, dental, or veterinary school after graduation. Some of the opportunities that club members will have are: preparing for graduate entrance exams, exploring career choices, medical professional shadowing opportunities, and networking with alumni. Meetings are typically Sundays at 7 pm.

Psi Chi (psychology) (AC)
This is an honor society and scholarship society for psychology. Official web site:

Rotaract (SI)
A service-oriented club working in conjunction with the Center for Civic Engagement to raise funds for select projects throughout the year. Some of the larger events include the student leadership of the Penguin Plunge and working with Rotary and Interact to build a residential and vocational center in Pommerin, Tanzania. 

Semper Fidelis Society (SI)
The Semper Fidelis Society's mission is to assist in the development of future leaders by promoting leadership through professional military education, physical, and mental excellence, community service, fundraising, and observance of the Marine Corps' lasting traditions. The Society will reinforce the Marine Corps' values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Semper Paratus Society (SI)
The Semper Paratus Society is built around the ideals of teaching, preserving, and perpetuating the lessons and lifestyle of a coastguardsman. We uphold the standards of the professional rescuer and strive to make greater strides in stature and professional etiquette. We aim to teach the average student the basics and traditions of a professional coastguardsman as well as develop an understanding of what the Coast Guard is as a branch of the Department of Homeland Security. We venture to educate those who join the Society on the Coast Guard missions, opportunities, and traditions so as to better understand the importance of the Coast Guard and its foundations.

Sigma Iota Rho (AC)
This is the honor society for international studies. Open to undergraduate and graduate international studies students. Official web site:

Sigma Tau Delta (AC)
This is the national English honor society. Official national web

Ski and Snowboard Club (SI)
The Norwich University Ski and Snowboard Club was founded in 2010 by a group of students dedicated to the sports of skiing and snowboarding. This group of individuals made it their goal to bring all Norwich University skiers and snowboarders together to cultivate a common interest. The club looks to create bonding, fundraisers, and events through this common interest. Visit us on Facebook

Student Government Association (SGA) (SI)
The Norwich University Student Government Association is a group of students representing the entire student body and is responsible for voicing interests of the student body to the administration. The main goal of SGA is to promote the general welfare of all students and to foster positive improvements on campus.

Society of Physics Students (SI)
The Society of Physics students is aimed toward making a fun and useful community of peers who share a common interest in science. We are striving to make academics and physics more fun and inclusive across class years and lifestyles. Our main goal is to generate a safe and organized space for students to explore their interest in physics outside of the classroom.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) (AC)
The Norwich chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) brings members together to forge friendships explore the professional world of engineering. While SWE is focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers, it is not an inclusive group and is not limited to only female engineers. Events for this club include pumpkin carving, engineering day for the areas Girl Scouts, the He and Me Dance, and other team-building activities such as professional field trips, apple picking, and ice-cream socials.

Spanish Club (SI)
In the Spanish Club we will learn about Latin American and Spanish current events and culture, including food, music, language, and dances. The Club is open to all students and faculty.

Sports Medicine Society (AC)
A club for all students with a special interest in Sports Medicine or Athletic Training.

Student Nurses' Association (SNA) (AC)
Members participate in a number of University activities, organize American Red Cross blood drives, tutor underclassmen, and participate in fund-raisers for a spring dinner with professional speakers in various Nursing disciplines. Official National Student Nurses' Association web site:

Student Veteran’s Council (SI)
The Norwich Student Veterans Council (SVC), the official local chapter of the national Student Veterans of America (SVA), is an organization of military and veteran students dedicated to living out our motto, “Camaraderie, Excellence, Service.”  SVC is a diverse advocacy and fellowship organization, and all military and veteran students in any status, including delayed entry enlistees, are welcome.

NU Tactical Society (NUTS) (SI)
The NU Tactical Society seeks to relieve the stress of the college environment by providing students with a creative outlet. The historic war games are designed in a realistic military format and allow for multiple players to test their tactical skills.

Tau Beta Pi (engineering)  (AC)
Tau Beta Pi is the nation's second-oldest honor society.  Unlike other engineering organizations, Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering society that includes all of the disciplines in the engineering profession.  Students that are elected into TBP have brought honor to their Alma Mater through distinguished scholarship and exemplary character.  There are collegiate chapters at 241 American colleges and universities, 32 alumni chapters, and an estimated 545,000 initiated members. At Norwich, distinguished engineering students who have demonstrated good character and a strong commitment to the engineering profession are welcomed into Tau Beta Pi.  The group meets weekly to discuss upcoming events and plan activities that can help strengthen the David Crawford School of Engineering.  Tau Beta Pi plays a crucial role in organizing events that include all of the engineering disciplines at Norwich University.  Engineering Week is one of the best examples of the leadership role TBP takes in bringing together all of the engineering disciplines. Members of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society at Norwich University Strive to become leaders both in and out of the classroom. The society has a long history of producing leaders in the engineering profession, and at Norwich out members work very hard to continue this.

Triathlon Club (SI)
Norwich University Triathlon Club’s main goal is to provide a unique training environment that enables members to be competitive in triathlons while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere. Overall we support a healthy lifestyle while encouraging others to pursue their goals. The Club strongly encourages new members, especially those willing to learn about and eventually compete in triathlons.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (AC)
UPE recognizes academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Computing and Information Disciplines.

Venture Crew Club (SI)
Venturing is a continuation of the Boy Scout and Girl Scout Program that offers all Norwich students to continue their scouting careers. The crew focuses on activities such as camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  

Water Polo Club (SI)
The Norwich University Water Polo Club main goal is to provide students the ability to train and compete in Water Polo games in the area as well as be an outlet to get to know members of the Norwich Community and branch out to other schools and meet other Water Polo athletes in the area. The Club strongly encourages new members, especially those willing to learn about and eventually compete in Water Polo games and tournaments. But most importantly, it is about having fun in a safe environment. Club Membership is open to all current Norwich Students.

WNUB (radio station)  (SI)
WNUB is a non-commercial, educational FM radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to the Trustees of Norwich University and broadcasts at a frequency of 88.3 MHz in stereo with a power of 285 watts. It is managed and operated by a student staff under the guidance of a Communications faculty advisor. Its broadcast studios and business office are located in the Communications Center. In addition to its popular music programming, WNUB broadcasts regular newscasts (using its AP radio news wire), public service announcements, special educational programming, and live Norwich sports. Nearly 100 students from all class years participate in WNUB, both as a Communications course requirement and as an extracurricular activity.

War Whoop  (SI)
The Norwich University yearbook, War Whoop, is produced by a voluntary student organization.