Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides individualized assistance to residential Norwich students for most facets of academic performance and college learning. The AAC helps Norwich students develop strategies, tools, mindset, and resources for academic success in a supportive, personalized, and student-centered atmosphere. All AAC services and programs are included in student tuition.

Norwich students enrolled in campus-based programs may voluntarily choose from AAC service options, listed below, to achieve their academic goals:

  • time management assistance
  • planning, and organizational skills
  • instruction in fundamental study skills and learning strategies
  • reading, research, and project management strategies
  • memorization and exam preparation strategies
  • one-on-one tutorials and review sessions in selected course and subject areas
  • academic coaching

Services are provided by a professional staff consisting of a full-time Director, Program Coordinators, and Learning Specialists supplemented by a trained, supervised staff of peer tutors who provide subject-area tutorials in math, lab sciences, foreign languages, and other courses.

The AAC's Math Specialists provide one-on-one and group tutoring for students enrolled in all NU math courses, as well as math skills and topics workshops. The AAC's Liberal Arts Specialists provide one-on-one and group tutoring for students enrolled in College of Liberal Arts courses, as well as study skills and topics workshops open to all.

The AAC coordinates two peer academic mentoring programs providing academic support and student academic leadership opportunities. The Corps/Civilian Academic Mentoring Program (CAM) provides critical transitional academic support and training for all incoming Freshmen during their first semester.  CAM sessions are led by trained mentors from the same lifestyle and academic major as their mentees.  The sessions focus on academic skills, accessing NU resources, and effectively transitioning to college life. The Peer Tutoring Program recruits, trains, and supervises student tutors who provide course-specific tutoring to fellow students in one-on-one or group tutoring sessions. Both programs are supervised by the AAC's Coordinator of Peer Academic Mentoring Programs and are designed to benefit both mentors and mentees.

The AAC provides tutoring, mentoring, coaching, and programming for all international and American students for whom English is not their first language. The AAC's Coordinator of Multilingual Student Services helps multilingual students become more fluent in English, understand US academic culture, connect to available campus resources, and improve academic performance in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Students can meet on an as-needed or regular basis with the Coordinator.  Multilingual students can also qualify for English Language accommodations by working with the Coordinator and the English department.

The AAC's Coordinator of Accessibility Services supports residential students with learning, physical, psychological, or other disabilities, assisting them with:

  • determining eligibility for disability support services;
  • establishing approved Academic Accommodations through an individualized Educational Profile;
  • communicating and working with faculty and students regarding accessing approved accommodations;
  • proctoring tests for students with approved test-taking accommodations; and
  • using assistive technology and other resources.

The Accessibility Coordinator also meets with students with disabilities on an as-needed or regular basis and can provide academic coaching and tutoring to students upon request.  For more information, refer to the “Americans with Disabilities Act” section of the Academic Policies of this catalog.

The AAC also coordinates Norwich University's mandatory program for students at academic risk--i.e., students on Academic Probation, and students who have been Re-admitted to the university after having been Academically Dismissed. The Coordinator for Academic Enhancement, working with our Academic Probation Specialist, coaches and mentors students at academic risk to develop educational plans and goals to improve academic performance; to improve time management, organizational, and study skills essential to academic success; and to access academic and other support resources available on campus.

AAC personnel works closely with academic advisers, course instructors, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs staff to create a comprehensive support system for students choosing to enhance their academic achievement in order to excel at Norwich. Services are primarily voluntary and arranged by appointment. Both day and evening hours are maintained to provide access for students in all programs.

For more information, please contact the Academic Achievement Center at 802-485-2130,, or in person at the AAC's offices on the 4th floor of the Kreitzberg Library during business hours.