Bachelor of Arts Supplement

BA Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of a modern language demonstrated by completing two courses (for beginning language instruction, 4 credits per course, otherwise 3 credits per course), consistent with the student's score on the Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT), taught in the target language by the Department of Modern Languages.
    • The FLPT is used for placement into Norwich language courses only.  No credit is awarded based on the student's score on this test.
    • Modern Language coursework transferred from an accredited institution may be substituted for Norwich courses, to satisfy this requirement.
  1. A minimum of two 3-credit Intercultural Knowledge and Competence courses.  The courses meeting this requirement emphasize a comparative approach that involves multiple perspectives regarding one or more cultural differences (ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability studies, etc.) within the United States or across multiple societies.
    • Courses satisfying this requirement must be taken from OUTSIDE the major program, meaning the course must have a subject different from the courses in the student's designated primary major program.
Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Courses:
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems3
CN (Chinese courses 205 or higher)
Advanced Academic English I3
Advanced Academic English II3
Introduction to World Literatures3
Survey of British Literature II3
Survey of American Literature I3
Survey of American Literature II3
Introduction to Theater3
American Roots3
Topics in World Literatures3
History of the English Language3
FR (French courses 205 or higher)
GR (German courses 205 or higher)
The History of Civilization I3
The History of Civilization II3
Ancient Greece and Rome3
The Middle Ages: Europe 500 - 15003
Early East Asian Civilizations3
Modern East Asian Civilizations3
History of the Middle East3
Survey of Sub-Sahara Africa3
ML (Modern Language 200 or higher)
Think! Intro to Philosophy3
PH 218 Global History of Philosophy
Comparative Religion3
Asian Politics3
Cross-Cultural Psychology3
SP (Spanish courses 205 or higher)
Cultural Anthropology3
Racial and Cultural Minorities3
Topics in Sociology3