Interdisciplinary (ID)


ID 110 Ecology and Geology of the Connecticut River Valley 4 Cr.

This course starts with a four-day, on-campus, period. Where there are lectures and presentations on water chemistry, water pollution, flora and fauna of the river and valley, and geology of the Connecticut River valley. Canoe instruction, biological and geological identification procedures, surveying methods, and water analysis techniques are also taught. A nine-day canoe trip follows where the ecology and geology of the upper river valley are studied. The final day of the course is on campus for additional testing and the preparation of final reports. This four-credit laboratory science course is intended for non-science majors and is offered during the time between graduation and the beginning of summer school. Lecture hours: 33 (total); Lab hours 133 (total).

ID 188 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

ID 199 Pilot Course 1 Cr.

A course is permitted to run as a pilot without seeking faculty approval for one academic year. The section will include the title of the course. A student will not earn credit for a pilot course and the course when approved as its own course.

ID 1XX Interdisciplinary Elective 1 Cr.

ID 223 Topics in Interdisciplinary Humanities 3 Cr.

ID 288 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

ID 299 Pilot Course 3 Cr.

Topics in Interdisciplinary Humanities courses are team-taught by faculty in Humanities fields with faculty outside of the Humanities. Courses explore a specific topic related to human experience and promote interdisciplinary engagement, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Students will participate in discussions, hands-on activities, and research around the selected course theme. Assignments will be focused on developing critical thinking, writing, communication, and research skills in an interdisciplinary setting to provide a well-balanced and integrative academic experience. Sample course topics include: Narrative Medicine, Geoarchaeology of Lost Cities, True Crime, and Game Theory: The Art of Strategy. These courses are offered as part of the Norwich Humanities Initiative.3 lecture hours. Goal 3: Arts & Humanities.

ID 388 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

ID 488 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.