The Marketing minor prepares students for careers in the fields of brand management, marketing analytics, digital /social media marketing, customer experience management and new product marketing. 

Students successfully completing this minor will be qualified to interpret and understand strategic marketing plans, articulate the financial and market impacts associated with implementing those plans, and apply and utilize statistical decision-making theory to market data. Students will use marketing simulations, case studies, and real-world projects to create a challenging experiential learning environment using contemporary marketing concepts from the top marketing thought-leaders of today.

  • Understand the marketing process and its role in the profitable growth of a firm.
  • Learn how to develop and translate marketing plans into executable marketing actions.
  • Develop critical thinking skills for solving marketing problems in an international business situations.

  • Practice marketing from the perspective of the marketing team of a major consumer products firm.
  • Apply the key concepts of marketing strategy development in a realistic simulation environment.
  • Brand positioning and product design to execute a strategic marketing plan the success of which will be measured by sales revenue, net profit and the return on marketing investment.
  • Understand how consumers make decisions regarding the purchase and use of products and services.
  • Understand the social-psychological basis of the consumer’s decision process and the internal and external factors that influence this process.
  • Understand how consumer behavior is used in the development of marketing strategies.
  • Understand the principles behind marketing communications and how to develop the key components of an integrated messaging strategy.
  • Understand the purpose of traditional and digital communication media, when to use them and in what combination, to effectively achieve marketing and communication objectives.
  • Be able to think critically in the evaluation of marketing problems for drawing sound conclusions about what actions company management needs to take based on insights from the research findings.
  • Develop your ability to define marketing problems, translate them into research objectives and testable hypotheses using the appropriate research methodology and statistical analyses, and present your recommendations to management.

Careers for this Minor:
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Experience Management
  • New Product Marketing

Marketing Minor 2021-2022 Catalog

A Management major with the Marketing concentration is ineligible to declare the minor. Approval of the School Director is required to declare this minor.  

Complete 6 courses with a grade of C or higher.
MG 314Marketing Management3
MG 416Advanced Marketing3
MG 441Integrated Marketing Communications3
MG 426Marketing Research3
Select Two of the Following:6
International Dimensions of Business3
Introduction to Psychology3
Internship in Management3
Total Cr.18


MG 101 Introduction to Business 3 Cr.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the world of business. Students will learn about business organization and ownership and will survey union management relations, marketing, accounting, finance, international business, the legal environment, and the stock market. The course is designed to explore the relationship between social responsibility and profits in our free enterprise system. Prerequisite: Freshman standing.

MG 188 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

MG 224 Principles of Entrepreneurship 3 Cr.

This course provides an introduction to the creative and innovative managerial practices of successful entrepreneurship. This course reviews the significant economic and social contributions entrepreneurs provide to society, the intense lifestyle commitment, and the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success. This course provides an overview of the entrepreneurial process. Prerequisites: Sophomore status or higher.

MG 227 Principles of Marketing 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to the basic principles of marketing practices and the application of these practices while examining the functions and concepts of marketing. Focus is on the key terms, functions, processes and activities of marketing and how marketing relates to overall organizational operations; including the management of exchange processes between consumers, business units and companies. Offered: Fall.

MG 230 Personal Financial Literacy 3 Cr.

Students apply theoretical knowledge to consumer-oriented issues in the financial planning of the sort which must be addressed in an attempt to achieve a chosen lifestyle. The course is intended for a general audience. No prior knowledge of accounting, economics or finance is required. 3 Lecture hours.

MG 261 Leadership in Coaching 3 Cr.

This course engages students in both learning about the journey of leadership as well as practicing that journey together. The course explores the philosophy and practice of leadership across many disciplines. It focuses on training students in over one dozen nuanced elements of leadership and culminates in guiding students, through a goal-setting exercise, to an understanding of how to use their leadership skills to develop and implement a plan of action in virtually any type of organization. The course is intended for general audiences. No prior knowledge of coaching or athletics is required. This course does not satisfy the General Education Leadership requirement. 3 Lecture hours.

MG 288 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

MG 299 Selected Topics Management 3 Cr.

Selected topics in Management.

MG 309 Management of Organizations 3 Cr.

A study of the functions of modern management: planning, organization, staffing, leading, and controlling. This study is applicable to the management of military, government, educational and non-profit, as well as business organizations. The ethical and social responsibilities of management and contemporary challenges such as the internationalization of organizations are integrated in all aspects of this course. Cannot earn credit for MG 309 and MNGT 309. Prerequisites: Junior or higher.

MG 310 Production/Operations Management 3 Cr.

Principles and applied study of the operation of manufacturing and service organizations. Managerial tools and diagnostics, decision-making, and financial management are introduced. Problems of small, medium, and large-sized businesses are studied. Credit in MG 310 cannot also be earned for MGNT 311. Prerequisites: QM 213 or MA 232; Sophomore status or higher.

MG 314 Marketing Management 3 Cr.

This course immerses the student in the strategies and processes of marketing management - market analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning, and the implementation and evaluation of marketing plans. When the student has completed this course they will understand how a marketing plan is developed and have the skills necessary to identify, analyze and solve marketing problems. 3 Lecture hours. Cannot earn credit in MG 314 and MNGT 314. Prerequisite: EC 202; Sophomore status or higher.

MG 316 Sales Management 3 Cr.

This course explores sales from the perspective of the individual salesperson as well as that of the organization, addressing topics including sales basics, proper attitudes, planning, necessary skill sets, appearance, presentation and the importance of each. The course includes case studies, examinations, and in-class presentations in order to ensure that students are well prepared to enter the sales field. 3 Lecture hours. Prerequisite: MG 101.

MG 318 Social Media Marketing 3 Cr.

In this course students examine the social media marketing strategies which brands utilize, focusing on the integration of such strategies with other key initiatives for the organizations. Students identify methods of analyzing and using social media concepts as well as evaluate management decisions strategic plans for social media marketing. Prerequisite: MG 227 Offered: Fall.

MG 319 International Dimensions of Business 3 Cr.

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic concepts and terminology of international business, and to gain an appreciation of the differences in social, political, and economic conditions among nations and how these affect the conduct of business and trade between nations. Topics include comparative cultural, political, and economic environments, international trade theory and policy, foreign exchange and exchange rate determination, the dynamics of international business-government relationships, and corporate policy and strategy of the multinational firm. Prerequisite: EC 201 or EC 202.

MG 320 International Marketing 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to concepts in global issues, disciplines and skills in making strategic decisions based on a global perspective. Students identify the tools and terminology required to explore and understand marketing practices in a global environment. Students examine the scope and challenge of international marketing, international trade, the culture, political and legal systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and ways to develop global marketing strategies. Prerequisite: MG 227 Offered: Spring.

MG 325 Marketing Analytics 3 Cr.

This course prepares students to be effective marketers in an environment that involves digital initiatives and data. Students evaluate different analytical approaches and work with both structured and unstructured digital data sets to analyze and attain practical experience in collecting and investigating large data sets. Students are introduced to the various types of data available and to assess the quality of the data. Prerequiste: MG 227 Offered: Spring.

MG 341 Business Law I 3 Cr.

A study of the law and legal system as they affect business. Topics include the court system, constitutional law, torts, criminal law and contracts. Students will learn how morality and social responsibility are integrated into our legal system. Students must complete an ethical standards paper in an appropriate context. Prerequisite: Freshman 2 or higher.

MG 346 Business Law II 3 Cr.

A continuation of the analysis of the legal dimension of business operations that was developed in Business Law I. Special emphasis will be given to the legal environment as it relates to the accounting student's professional certification. Topics include bankruptcy, commercial paper, secured transactions, agency, corporations, and partnerships. Prerequisite: MG 341.

MG 351 Organizational Behavior 3 Cr.

This course considers the individual, the nature of organizations, and the issues resulting from the dynamic relationship of people in organizations. The course addresses such topics as learning, personality, motivation, organization structure, leadership, ethics, communication, and change.

MG 360 Health Economics & Policy 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to principles of health economics and public policy in health and social welfare. Topics include support for public health, policy intervention in health determinants, the relationship between government regulation and market competition, the demand for healthcare, and the supply of services. This course will enable students to apply economic reasoning to the health-care challenges facing society. Prerequisite: One semester of college level mathematics or QM 213.

MG 388 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

MG 399 Pilot Course 3 Cr.

A course is permitted to run as a pilot without seeking faculty approval for one academic year. The section will include the title of the course. A student will not earn credit for a pilot course and the course when approved as its own course.

MG 408 Human Resources Management 3 Cr.

The management of human resources is one of the most challenging and critical aspects of contemporary organizational functions. This course addresses such issues as the nature of the American labor force, equal employment opportunity, personnel planning and staffing, compensation, employee well-being and job security, and collective bargaining. In addressing these issues attention is given to the ethical, legal, and moral questions involved. Prerequisite: MG 309.

MG 409 Organizational Leadership 3 Cr.

This course prepares students to apply leadership principles to the roles they play as managers. Students will discover more about themselves and learn more about the connection between the individual and the organization. Other topics include organizational culture, structure, group behavior, motivation, power, politics, organizational change, and workplace conflict. Credit may not be earned in MG 409 and also in MNGT 315 or MNGT 403.

MG 411 Consumer Behavior 3 Cr.

This course is designed to help the student understand the concepts of consumer behavior that provides the basis for marketing strategies. Students will gain an understanding of how consumers make decisions regarding the purchase and use of products and services and the internal and external factors that influence this process. Prerequisite: MG 314.

MG 416 Advanced Marketing 3 Cr.

In this course students will examine the key concepts and issues in developing a marketing strategy from the perspective of the corporate and SBU decision-maker. The course will take students through the process for formulating marketing strategies under various market conditions, for developing strategic and tactical marketing action plans, and how to evaluate and control a marketing plan and budget. Students undertaking this course will be required to use knowledge gained from previous marketing subjects in completing course assignments. Prerequisite: MG 314.

MG 426 Marketing Research 3 Cr.

This course explores the process and tools for data collection and analysis used to solve marketing problems. In addition, the subject addresses when marketing research is appropriate and how to define the research problem, as well as the role of marketing research in marketing decision making. This course will provide students with practical experience in the use of computer based data analysis techniques and make students aware of the biases and limitations inherent in various research methodologies. Prerequisites: QM 213 or MA 232; MG 314.

MG 429 Seminar in Advanced Management I 3 Cr.

A topics course addressing managerial problems in various environments. Prerequisites: MG 309, MG 310, FN 311, and MG 314.

MG 441 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 Cr.

This course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop appropriate communication strategies consistent with strategic marketing principles. The role of communications in the client organization's marketing plan is emphasized. The concept of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) for coordinating the individual communication elements of advertising, direct marketing and public relations to achieve specific marketing objectives is stressed. 3 Lecture hours. Prerequisite MG 314.

MG 448 Small Business Strategies 3 Cr.

A course that integrates the functional areas of management-human resources, finance, marketing, and operations they uniquely affect the small business enterprise. Case studies and lectures develop the students problem solving abilities. Credit in MG 448 cannot also be earned in MNGT 320. Prerequisites: MG 309, MG 310, FN 311, and MG 314.

MG 449 Administrative Policy and Strategy 3 Cr.

A capstone course designed to integrate the students' undergraduate studies. Case studies, collaborative assignments, writing assignments and oral presentations provide opportunities to synthesize and apply the knowledge gained from courses in the management program. Prerequisites: MG 309, MG 310, FN 311, and MG 314; Senior status only.

MG 450 Internship in Management 3 Cr.

The internship program is designed for students who want to apply their studies by working with a business, industry, or public agency. The student will be required to work closely with a faculty supervisor to develop and implement a structured experience tailored to the career goals of the student. Repeatable up to 6 credits. Prerequisites: Senior standing, and Permission of Department Chair and Internship Committee.

MG 488 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.