The Writing Minor or Concentration exposes students to a plethora of cross-disciplinary writing opportunities. Students will develop the skills necessary for writing in all realms: civic life, employment, graduate school, and beyond. They will increase their creativity and innovation in all writing undertakings. Students will gain experience in collaboration, problem solving, innovation, and new media literacy. This minor/concentration permits students to document formally their acquisition of these rhetorical skills

Writing Concentration and Writing Minor 2020-2021 Catalog

The writing concentration is offered to English majors who wish to focus their studies on writing. Although the requirements are the same, English majors will pursue a Writing concentration, rather than a Writing minor. 

Communications majors who pursue a Writing minor may only use three courses that satisfy both the Communications major and the Writing minor.

Complete SIX courses from below:
EN 203Advanced Composition3
EN 204Professional and Technical Writing3
EN 272Veterans' Literature and Writing3
EN 274Introduction to Creative Writing3
EN 276Environmental Writing3
EN 278Writing for the Web3
CM 207Journalism I: News Gathering3
CM 208Journalism II: Advanced News Gathering and Design3
CM 209Broadcast Writing3
Choose ONE 300 level course (may be used above)
CM 335Television Criticism3
EN 362Rhetorical Criticism3
EN 364Intermediate Creative Writing3
Total Cr.18