Victimology covers a range of interdisciplinary fields of study, which relies on research from academic disciplines including criminal justice, sociology, psychology, public health, anthropology, history, and economics. Specifically, victimology examines the nature of the victimization process, relationships between victims and offenders, the impact of crime on victims (e.g., emotional, physical, and economic), interactions between victims and the criminal justice system, and victim services. This concentration will emphasize the core tenets of victimology, which focuses on the victims of crime and their role in the criminal justice system. Furthermore, this concentration will prepare students for entry into a wide variety of positions in fields such as criminal justice, social work, counseling, and gerontology.

Victimology Minor 2020-2021 Catalog

For the Minor in victimology, the student must complete six courses (18 degree credits) with a grade of C or higher that must include:

CJ 306Victimology3
CJ 425Domestic Violence3
Select four of the following (at least two at the 300 or 400-level
CJ 304Juvenile Delinquency3
CJ 305Juvenile Justice3
CJ 314Restorative Justice3
CJ 316Criminal Violence3
CJ/SO 320Drugs and Society3
CJ 400Independent Study3
CJ 405Internship (at an agency providing victim services)3
PY 234Forensic Psychology3
SO 218Intro to Cultural Competence3
SO 316Aging in Society3
Total Cr.18