College of Science and Mathematics

Dean, Michael McGinnis

The College of Science and Mathematics is comprised of the Departments of Biology; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Earth and Environmental Science; Health & Human Performance; Mathematics; and Physics. Each department has its own chair.

The College of Science and Mathematics provides high-quality academic degree programs in mathematics and in the physical, biological and life sciences for our majors. We also provide support courses in these areas to meet the needs of the University. To this end, the College provides the knowledge, experience and guidance in mathematics and the sciences in lecture, laboratory, and clinical settings to prepare students to pursue advanced study, successful careers, and to become responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Biology, chair Megan Doczi

Chemistry and Biochemistry, chair Ethan Guth

Earth and Environmental Sciences, interim chair Mike McGinnis

Health and Human Performance, chair Amy Welch

Mathematics, chair Robert Poodiack

Physics, chair Robert Knapik