Master of Science in Business Analytics

Interim Program Director: Ahmed Hamed

The Master of Science in Business Analytics provides students with strong quantitative and data analysis training. Private business, non-profit entities, and government agencies are in increasing need of professionals with advanced mathematical, statistical, and computational skills that can process, understand, and analyze vast amounts of data. Coursework in the M.S. in Business Analytics program will include quantitative modeling, operations management, data mining, big data, and network and infrastructure management.


The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), seeks to provide successful graduates with the following skills and competencies:

  • skills in research methodology, specifically quantitative analysis.
  • the ability to identify and apply the fundamental concepts of statistics, data analysis, quantitative modeling, simulation and optimization to solve unique problems,
  • the ability to analyze data comprehensively and apply it to managerial decision making,
  • data handling and database management in practical applications,
  • the application of big data modeling using current business software, tools and techniques,
  • competence in with modern data mining using simulations and reporting,
  • understanding of  the need for legal governance and ethics as it applies to business decision making
  • the ability to produce quality products to influence and inform business practices, including reports, demonstrations and presentations.


BA 500Applied Regression with Research Methods3
BA 501Problem Solving in Applied Data Science3
BA 514Information Visualization and Communication3
BA 515Governance, Security, Risks and Ethics in Business Analytics3
BA 570Data, Models and Effective Organizational Decisions3
BA 510Predictive Analytics, Relational Database, & Data Transformation3
BA 512Data Mining for Predictive Decision Making3
BA 513Big Data, Business Process and Enterprise Analytics3
BA 511Prescriptive Analytics, Non-Relational Database, & Location Based Data3
BA 571Practicum in Business Analytics3
Total Cr.30
Faculty Member Institution at which highest degree was earned
Ahmed Hamed, PhD, Interim Program Director