Science Courses (SCIE) - Online Undergraduate

SCIE 188 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

SCIE 1XX General Science Competency 6 Cr.

This course is used for transfer when no equivalent Norwich course exists. This course indicates successful demonstration of one of the two required General Science Competencies.

SCIE 202 Science, Technology and Procedures in Forensic Investigations 3 Cr.

The course will focus on the scientific principles behind the recognition, collection, preservation, analysis and interpretation of physical evidence found at a crime scene. This course presents the science and technology used by modern forensic professionals that is best suited for non-science majors. The emphasis is placed on practical forensic applications of scientific principles in the areas of chemistry, physics, biology, geology and others. This is a lab science class where each week the student will have an online lab activity or case study in which to apply the various principles of forensic science covered in the course.

SCIE 288 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

SCIE 2XX Science Elective 6 Cr.

SCIE 301 Environmental Science 3 Cr.

A study of the dynamic interaction between human and environment with emphasis on ecosystem structure and function; the study, analysis and identification of optimal solutions to local and regional environmental issues and problems; and short- and long-term strategies for natural disaster or post-conflict remedial measures. Pre- requisites: none.

SCIE 310 Scien Basis of Sustainability 3 Cr.

Students examine how Sustainability Science has emerged in the 21st Century. Students learn how evidence-based, quantitative data are collected and used to define and monitor sustainability-related issues and problems, and how critical thinking skills are applied to an interdisciplinary understanding of problems and solutions, as well as how information networks can both supply important data and serve as a medium for communicating with other interested parties on a global basis. The course concludes by examining how sustainability science relates to an ever-widening range of decisions, strategies and activities in the private, public and military worlds. Prereq: approval of the Division of Continuing Studies.

SCIE 388 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

SCIE 488 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

SCIE XXX Science Elective 100 Cr.