Political Science Courses (POLS) - Online Undergraduate

POLS 188 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

POLS 1XX Political Science Elective 6 Cr.

This course is used for transfer when no equivalent Norwich course exists. This course indicates successful demonstration of the required Social Science Competency.

POLS 288 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

POLS 302 National Security Policy 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to the issues and institutions of national security policy. Successful students will have an appreciation of strategic thought and strategy formulation, the ability to assess national security issues and threats, and an understanding of the political and military institutions involved in the making and execution of national security policy. Pre-requisites: none.

POLS 306 Comparative Politics 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to the basic methods, concepts and substance of comparative politics. Special attention will be paid to institutions and behaviors as well as development and modernization theories. The course provides students with tools to address such questions as: What is a political system? What are the different varieties of democracies and authoritarian regimes? Are some regimes more vulnerable to political violence than others? What explains the transition from authoritarianism to democracy and can that process be reversed? How does geography impact the political, economic, and social development of a region? Pre- requisites: none.

POLS 316 Domestic Terrorism 3 Cr.

This course traces the history, emergence, and growth of domestic terrorist and extremist groups within the United States. Students will assess various groups' intentions, capabilities, and activities within contexts of and ramifications on political, national security, and legal paradigms. Topics include current and active domestic groups and their organizational structure, philosophies, and networks. Pre-requisites: none.

POLS 318 International Terrorism 3 Cr.

This course addresses the effects of a variety of forms of sub-state violence on world affairs. Topics include sources of terrorism, its major characteristics, the problems it poses for global peace and stability, responses to terrorism by countries and international organizations, and the problem of balancing public safety and personal freedom in dealing with terrorism. Pre-requisites: none.

POLS 388 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

POLS 488 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

POLS 588 No Norwich Equivalent 6 Cr.

POLS XXX Political Science Elective 100 Cr.