Philosophy Courses (PHLS) - Online Undergraduate

PHLS 188 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

PHLS 1XX Philosophy Elective 6 Cr.

This course is used for transfer when no equivalent Norwich course exists. This course indicates successful demonstration of the required Ethics Competency.

PHLS 205 Critical Thinking 3 Cr.

This course introduces students to the critical thinking skills and techniques needed in academic and research endeavors. Topics covered include formal and informal logic; the structure of logical systems; argumentation; and the relationship of logic to research and the scientific method. Emphasis is placed on learning to recognize common logical fallacies.

PHLS 210 Ethics in the Modern World 3 Cr.

A study of ethics and its application to problems in everyday life, society, and the broader world. The course examines the principal moral theories and ethical systems that have shaped our personal values and behavior, including consequentialist and non-consequentialist theories, virtue ethics, and feminist ethics. Students explore the connections between ethics and religion and examine the challenges to morals posed by relativism, subjectivism and emotivism, and egoism. Students also evaluate positions, theories, and arguments as they apply them to concrete matters of personal, socio-political, and global concern.

PHLS 288 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

PHLS 324 Criminal Justice Ethics 3 Cr.

This course provides a short introduction to general ethics, with applications to practices and problems in the criminal justice field. It uses the case study method to focus on immediate decisions which involve ethical dilemmas and typically face criminal justice professionals in the police, courts, and corrections. It also studies a selection of more general issues involving the criminal justice system which are of common public concern, as well as the deeper question of why certain forms of behavior should or should not be criminalized. In this connection, a selection of recent high-profile Supreme and Appeals Court cases in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties will be discussed. The emphasis is on developing discussion skills and familiarity with essential patterns of legal and moral reasoning. This course satisfies the University's General Education Ethics requirement. 3 lecture hours.

PHLS 388 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

PHLS 488 No Norwich Equivalent 1-6 Cr.

PHLS XXX Philosophy Elective 100 Cr.